Who is ciara dating december 2016

Ciara got Theo to run away with her, hid an envelope meant for Hope so that her mom wouldn't go to work when she wanted to go to the zoo, and even went toe-to-toe with Sami over a lost earring that she found by the river and gave to Theo.Ciara always seemed to be roping Theo into some scheme or other and it seemed like it would be fascinating to see what was going to happen when they were teenagers.I wish Ciara had not suggested that they talk to Rafe about the motorcycle nor that it was suggested that Rafe was her father figure that she was so close to.There wasn't much evidence of that on air, other than Rafe teaching Ciara to skate backward when she was eight years old.I'll give Rafe credit for thinking he should admit to Hope what he'd done, but he only made a half-hearted effort before accepting her ridiculous marriage proposal.This whole thing, from Rafe hiding in the other room when Hope showed up to Hope wanting to reconcile while he had this secret on his mind, is all too reminiscent of when Eve slept with JJ and Paige walked in, then wanted to get back together with JJ the next day.

The little girl version of Ciara was spunky, outspoken, and not above manipulating Hope to try to get what she wanted.

A lot of her opinions and decisions are questionable, but I'm mostly enjoying her return now that her personality is closer to what it was always meant to be.

Ciara burst into town on her father's motorcycle and immediately got into an argument with Claire over Theo.

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