Validating children

I don’t recall if I was inside the car when that happened or by then I went towards the car.

As I approached the carseat there laid my 5week old baby, dead.

The dream was terrible and I woke up out of breath and ran towards my baby to make sure he was okay. He is handsome and healthy and everyone just absolutely adores my son.

I walked around to make sure his father was okay as well and everyone else in the household. Once again, I had a terrible nightmare last night and once again, it included my son.

Becoming conscious of this and imagining how much love you needed as a baby yourself may help you heal the areas of fear that have been set up in your brain.

Your brain is flexible and can grow safe by imagining love for the baby in your mind, dreams, inner psyche.

My son laid in his bassinet and I don’t recall if it was a Dr/nurse next to the bassinet. As I stared in closer his eyes were no longer green, but white/gray. And as he open his mouth, you could see something white/gray..

It seemed like saliva or something stuck in his mouth.

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after my 1st dream something did happen that I was able to connect to my dream, but I don’t know if that could have been it. Jenn REPLY Bruce August 2, 2012 at pm [edit] Hi Jenn, Yes this is very scary and disturbing, but likely has more to do with your own psychology than it does with any danger to your baby.

Maybe you felt like a yo-yo as a baby, alternating from alone to over-protective closeness.

Fear can cause us to project our own inner or psychological past selves into our children and then attempt to over-protect or over-comfort our own wounded selves.

This can lead to children feeling confused and anxious (i.e.

to your own current anxiety that has been triggered by becoming a parent).

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