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Are the werewolves the real monsters or is there more to the story? Rated T (subject to change)Sakura had always known that Sasuke was going to be her alpha. When Sasuke's rejection of her leaves her heartbroken, Sakura dedicates her life to becoming a medical ninja and shoves aside any lingering hope that she would one day find her mate.Marriage is a blessed union, bringing together two kindred spirits by way of an unbreakable bond... In which Sakura proposes, Itachi agrees, and chaos ensues. Haruno Sakura used to think the eyes were the windows to the soul, but after witnessing the horrors of the Sharingan firsthand, she's convinced they are the doors. Until a chance encounter changes her and her life forever. Naruto X Sakura Despues de tantos años de espera, Sakura decide que es mejor seguir con su vida y ya no esperar a Sasuke.

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Now, after eight years, one divorce, and roughly 5,000 cigarettes, Gaara and Sakura find themselves struggling to move forward when the same feelings constantly hold them back.A/O/B dynamics The battle is over and Kaguya is no more. Alguien parece muy interesado en la pelirosa y le hace una propuesta que podra cambiarlo todo. Regresara a Konoha a buscarla o la dejara ir para siempre?But for Sakura Haruno, it still isn't the place for her happy ending..the time. When Sakura's life becomes too much for her, she runs away. (you poke the person when asking..) answer poke What is a funny thing you tell that has a punch line? Say toast 5 times really fast, what do you put in a toaster (they should say toast) but we all know its bread lol Riddles What has holes but can carry water?Se casaron al poco tiempo en Las Vegas y su idilio perduró hasta el día en que Sasuke decidió hacer realidad sus más oscuras fantasías.

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