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What is the distance between the storm and the cube? If the cube is large in comparison to the desert you think highly of yourself. If the ladder is leaning on the cube, your friends tend to lean on you for support. Is the storm violent, thunder, and lightning or calm and light rain? The size of the cube compared to the desert represents your ego.You know that at some point, they will reply to your 3,685 phone calls. Because they might tick your boxes, they might be able to play chopsticks on their biceps, but surely there is more to knowing if this little union is going to match up for the next 50 years. For a Christian, we aren’t to trust in divorce to provide us freedom one day. I don’t want to be found in a room looking at my loins, screaming ‘I TOLD YOU SO LOINS! And so I’ve been taught recently the ‘Marriage Ladder’, lectured to us by Jason Vallotton. You’re the seconds of the product pile currently being sold at Wilko for a substantially lower cut value. He gave some golden nuggets which I’m passing on for free. Now the key is to start from rung 1 and take every step up – absolutely no skipping.After all he’s experienced in life, I’m willing to listen to the dude and I’m poised at the front, voice memo on record, moleskin drawn all over, and shssshing everyone around me. If you skip vital questions, you’ll come out with incorrect answers. My own theory on the formation of relationships and the coincidental breakdown of them, is actually most people don’t get past the first rung. He’s also added more to the list than you could have possibly dreamt of. You will not find this in Songs of Songs, but you will find it amongst the most successful couples I know to date.He’s the Adonis wrapped in red velvet icing and you’ve contacted the BBC to release a small bulletin about such joyous news. It’s the reason perhaps why it’s taking me so long to wed, because I don’t want to feel like I’ve made some hideous mistake. There needs to be a season of discovery with a willingness to accept that Romeo might just be better off drinking the poison, no matter how much he may resemble Jared Leto (on looks department, not bed notches). Whether they are conscious to this love algebra I don’t know – but I’ve spotted common denominators before. Without trust, well, just trust me – you’re not called ‘Psycho Sally’ for no reason, and you’re not the version you were created to be.This isn’t gospel, there might be other rungs you need to add. But there’s no harm about thinking things through logically when lets face it, the power of love can be the most overwhelming bolt to the brain you’ve had for a long time. Take a pen and piece of paper, or napkin so she can write down her answers. If the storm is staying put, it has been an ongoing obstacle in your life with no resolution in sight.

*Update* Click here to see in the field examples and an updated cube personality test!Blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals so it is often used in bedrooms. Green: Green represents compassion, prosperity, money, and vitality. Many TV studios have a “green room” for people to sit in to relax before they go on the air. While it is considered an optimistic color, symbolizing enthusiasm and playfulness. It is also feminine and romantic and rarely found in nature. The five minute personality test is designed to be quick and easy.The color yellow is very difficult for the human eye to take in and can be overpowering. You can be as elaborate as you wish by asking more questions or keep it simple and ask very minimal questions. If the horse is tied up, then it shows the need to be controlling in a relationship. The distance between the horse and the cube represents the closeness you have with your current lover.

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