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Cameron Kirkland is the latest of these visual griots, taking us along with him down the stretch of I-78 to the bright lights, Southern twang, and gritty esthetic of Atlanta’s music culture.With subjects like Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Future, The Migos, and more, Kirk has managed to acquire a seasoned professional’s film reel in a short amount of time, as he’s shown in his first photography book, .Growing up in Maryland the only celebrities we see are athletes.

Consent means enthusiastic participation in sexual activity. Many times people do not feel like they can say no due to power imbalances.Sexual encounters fundamentally rely on communication, not on the power dynamic created by the myth that men cannot control their desire.Reality: According to a British Home Office Research Study7, 3% of reported rapes are false, around the same level as false accusations of other crimes.For over a century, memories and special moments have been captured through some form of photography.Becoming the storytellers of modern times, photographers have summed up some of the most breathtaking moments with just their camera, etching those instants in our historical timeline for future generations to see.

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