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Scholars debate the dating of the Rule though they seem to agree that it was written in the second third of the sixth century., but his account of the life and miracles of Benedict cannot be regarded as a biography in the modern sense of the term.The title piously exaggerates the place of Benedict but in many respects it is true. Benedict did not establish the monastery of Monte Cassino in order to preserve the learning of the ages, but in fact the monasteries that later followed his Rule were places where learning and manuscripts were preserved.

Through a balanced pattern of living and praying Benedict reached the point where he glimpsed the glory of God. Ettal Abbey makes the German translation of Gregory the Great's Vita Benedicti available online accompanied by an extensive bibliography. Iconography See the "Graphical Representations" of Saint Benedict for the attributions of the illustrations used here solely for educational purposes. Benedict that include woodcuts, icons, paintings, statues, stained glass, metal work, etc."Saint Benedict" is available at the splendid website of Christ in the Desert Abbey, Abiqu, New Mexico. Benedict combines biography and spiritual teaching. Search Google, Bing, and other search engines glean OSB contents regularly. The OSB Search Page checks both local and other web resources. The Life of our Most Holy Father Saint Benedict (CCEL; London: Thomas Baker, 1898). of the dedication of the rebuilt monastery of Monte Cassino in 1964, Pope Paul VI proclaimed St.Benedict the principal, heavenly patron of the whole of Europe.

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