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The spot also features a diverse racial mix of folks.

Actor Ricky Tomlinson, known for popular '90s family sitcom "The Royle Family," provides the voiceover and Finn Mc Gough of Knucklehead directed.

What did the PEJ Index reveal about the nature of that coverage?

Was it focused heavily on more sensational or personal aspects of the candidate?

The race for exposure is measured by the number of stories in which a candidate plays a significant role (as a subject of between 25% and 50% of the story) or a main newsmaker role (at least 50% of the story).

The campaign storyline of the week—the specific themes that make up the campaign coverage—are measured as a percentage of overall coverage, or newshole.

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Mc Cain was fairly close behind, a significant or dominant factor in 52% of the stories.For two days, the media attention to personal aspects of her life and family spiked dramatically.As the week rolled on, the narrative changed again and Palin’s convention speech and ability to energize the GOP base became a significant part the coverage and the personal angle subsided. 5, someone other than Palin grabbed the media’s attention.“Campaigns Shift as Mc Cain Choice Alters the Race,” was the Aug. The one Palin controversy to emerge immediately was the trooper story—the investigation into whether she abused her power in firing the Alaska Public Safety head after he declined to dismiss Palin’s ex-brother in law. 1 announcement that Palin’s daughter Bristol was pregnant came after media interest was stirred up by unfounded speculation online that Bristol, not Sarah, was the real mother of Palin’s infant son. 1 interview between CNN’s Campbell Brown and Mc Cain spokesman Tucker Bounds touched on the public and family elements of Palin’s life.In a clip that became a You Tube favorite, Brown asked Bounds about the pregnancy issue.

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