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In fiction, this also has the convenience of explaining why Persons Of Mass Destruction are obeying their weaker bosses and not running things, or at least not demanding wages and better job conditions.

Furthermore, even Western countries such as Germany, Russia, and the United States have overlooked recruitment ages in major conflicts such as World War II.

While the notion of innocent childhood dates to the early modern era (thank the Victorians and their contemporaries), even the ancients felt fairly queasy about the idea — and with good reason: warfare screws with kids' heads, and they're rarely good for much else afterwards.

Since the use of child soldiers forces the enemy to gun down children in self-defense, it's a very strong contender for the most morally reprehensible war crime in existence.

As the trope title states, this hits ethnic Africans particularly hard; some 'Western' casting directors are in the habit of only—or mostly—hiring non-European actors and actresses with lighter skin tones because they assume that they will be more relatable to their largely ethnic-European audiences.

Black actresses are hit even harder (as detailed here) due to Eurocentric beauty standards favoring fair skin for women.

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