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The GSA Seminar Committee consists of: Margaret Eleanor Menninger (Texas State University) | [email protected](Chair) Maria Mitchell (Franklin & Marshall College) | [email protected] Stewart (Georgia State University) | [email protected] direct all inquiries to all three of us.

The German Studies Association expresses its deep concern about and opposition to the Executive Order on the admission and vetting of non-citizens to the United States, signed by President Donald J. As it is currently being implemented, this Executive Order presents serious challenges to the freedom of academic movement, academic freedom, and intellectual exchange. The Executive Order as it stands will seriously impact applications to graduate and undergraduate study at American universities and deny universities the benefit of the scholarly skills and contributions of researchers and visiting faculty members, thereby impoverishing our intellectual and academic institutions.

Ursula Gray ([email protected]) at Johns Hopkins University Press.

However, they may take on one additional role in the conference as moderator or commentator on another session independent of their enrollment in a seminar, or they may participate in a roundtable.

Seminars may enable extended discussion of a recent academic publication; the exploration of a promising new research topic; engagement with pre-circulated papers; an opportunity to debate the work of scholars with different approaches; the coming together of groups of scholars seeking to develop an anthology; or the in-depth discussion of a political or public policy issue, novel, film, poem, artwork, or musical piece.

In order to facilitate extended discussion, seminar conveners and participants should participate in all three seminar meetings.

It focuses on the means and ends of the logic of surveillance and thus provides important historical context for our own confrontations with political violence.

Professor Williamson's essay was included in a special issue of the the GSR dedicated to the problem of "surveillance and German studies."Ariana Orozco, University of Michigan (now at Kalamazoo College): "The Objects of Remembrance: Jenny Erpenbeck's Short Stories Alongside Contemporary Exhibitions of East German Material Culture." The essay will be published in a future issue of the Ariana Orozco's well-argued and well-formulated essay, "The Objects of Remembrance: Jenny Erpenbeck's Short Stories Alongside Contemporary Exhibitions of East German Material Culture" compares memory practices and objects of everyday life in museum exhibits and literature.

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