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It meant he was away a lot, and he expected his actress wife to run the home and bring up their daughters while he spent months on foreign locations and established himself as a serious screen sex symbol.“Travelling the world as an actor is a killer for marriages,” he admitted in an interview with the Daily Express four years ago.“You are not at home for your kids either."I do regret that so I have tried to make up the time with them when I have been home.”Even then, Melanie said she was low on his list of priorities compared with his mates down the pub and his beloved Sheffield United.“I feel our life together is a sham,” she said after they split.“I feel just like a housemaid.”Their divorce was bitter but they are on much better terms nowadays.“God love him, he deserves every bit of success he gets,” Melanie said more recently.“He is a very good and very special person.”In 1997 he married Abigail Cruttenden, his screen wife in Sharpe.She was nine years his junior (to Melanie’s three).On paper they lasted seven years but in reality the marriage was over as soon as it started.Having taken a drama class at Rotherham College of Art & Technology, he moved to London to take up a place at Rada shortly after they wed.The 48-year-old Sharpe star has been married three times before, so let's hope this one's for keeps.To be fair to Sean Bean, he didn’t quite use the words “Never again”.

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He has played some critically acclaimed characters on television, the most recent one being the role of ‘Eddard 'Ned' Stark’ in ‘Game of Thrones’ for which he was nominated for many awards and earned much praise from the critics.

In addition to being a very popular face on television and in the film industry, he has made his name in theatre as well.

Handsome and charming, he has won the hearts of his female audiences with his charismatic roles in some romantic movies; his strawberry blonde hair and green eyes have made him a heartthrob with thousands of female fans!

But he came pretty close, speaking not long after his last divorce three years ago, when he told a magazine interviewer: “Of course I believe in love."There is nobody who doesn’t believe in love."But marriage – that fits some people but obviously not me.”Instead of worrying about his love life, he added, he would rather spend his time gardening.

But this weekend it’s a fair bet the autumn leaves are piling up unswept at his Italian-style house in a cobbled mews in North London’s exclusive Belsize Park.

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