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Additionally, Izzie's exit — so Heigl could film a movie — opened up the door for fans to see what would be like without her on a more permanent basis. "Life During Wartime" — Season 5, Episode 6 What happened: Owen Hunt returns to Seattle Grace full-time, even though his unconventional methods rub most of the staff the wrong way.After Hahn (Brooke Smith) and Callie sleep together, Hahn has the "I see leaves" realization that she is "so, so, so gay," which ultimately leads to the end of their relationship as Callie was still discovering who she is.

"Some Kind of Miracle" — Season 3, Episode 17 What happened: The third of a three-part arc that features the ferry boat crash sees Meredith stuck in a semi-comatose limbo alongside deceased former acquaintances, including Dylan (Kyle Chandler) and Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who try to convince her to head back to her life.

Why it was a game-changer: It was the beginning of the end for Addison Montgomery at Seattle Grace, and the start of a series that spanned six seasons, putting Rhimes into a rare group of showrunners with multiple shows on the air and providing opportunities for crossovers. "If/Then" — Season 8, Episode 13 What happened: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) dreams of a world in which her mother Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) never got Alzheimer's and went on to become the Chief of Seattle Grace.

In this alternate reality, Meredith is bright and shiny and dating Alex (Justin Chambers), who is cheating on her with April (Sarah Drew).

After her mother Ellis dies, the two meet briefly as Ellis tells her she's anything but ordinary.

Once Mer wakes, Cristina is by her side to tell her person about the engagement to Burke. "Things We Said Today" — Season 9, Episode 10 What happened: Even though Bailey should be on the way to her wedding to Ben (Jason George), she rushes to the hospital to try to save Adele's (Loretta Devine) life.

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