Dating pro online dating software

For a better flexibility, the software uses PDO (PHP Data Objects) abstraction which allows the choice of the database.The principle of development is DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) aimed at reducing repetition of information of all kinds (no duplicate code).Web Media team is ready to provide PG Dating Pro clients with express support service, high monetization e CPM rates, 100% fill of traffic, experience in exclusive high-level publishers representation, top-tier advertisers, quality ad control and art reporting, possibility to choose banner types to be shown at a certain dating site.

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In both cases dating site owners can additionally profit from this new banner advertising option.Dating Pro clients can start their own banner ads campaign easily and quickly.Special targeting options for banner locations and shows help Dating Pro users achieve better conversions with niche banner placements. That’s why “Plus-50 singles market” is of great interest for online dating business. Age, location and interests restrictions may be the best to look into if you plan to create a seniors dating website. They are savvier in using Internet, than seniors before them.

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