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The exact process varies by jurisdiction, with population needs beginning to drive the process in some provinces.The overall number of residency positions available across Canada has remained largely unchanged since 2013, when it rose above 2,900. This year it was 2,967.) But the number of graduates participating in the match has outpaced growth in the quota.“If students in Quebec are now taking positions outside of Quebec, and students who are hoping to match are not able to, there’s a disparity there,” Moineau says.

This year, that number rose to 2,810, a slight dip from 2016, when 2,836 medical graduates were looking for a match.

“This represents 68 students who have spent on average eight to 10 years of undergraduate education to become physicians, incurring great debt, and utilizing taxpayer dollars to facilitate their education,” says Mel Lewis, a student affairs associate dean at the University of Alberta.

“There’s a lot of anxiety,” says Franco Rizzuti, president of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students.

In many ways, the Canadian medical residency match isn’t all that different from online dating: following a written application and interviews, students and training programs rank one another and an online algorithm is used to identify potential matches.

In essence, both parties need to “swipe right” to make a match.

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