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In New Zealand, OSI Maritime signed a million contract with Siemens in early 2011 to provide integrated navigational and tactical bridge systems for the country's ANZAC-class frigates.

DCNS is the design authority working with Malaysian engineers in France to adapt the vessels to Malaysian navy standards, as well as advising on project management and combat system integration.

People dressed up to go to church, to fly on airplanes, to go out for dinner. Admiral Moran said “Our long-term readiness continues its insidious decline”, and “the Navy will be flat out of money” without supplementary funding.

The current Situation Report on the US Navy was presented in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, by Vice Chief of Naval Operations Admiral William Moran, USN in the below listed article.

For the first time in 240 years, Mabus named newly commissioned US Naval ships for extremely liberal, progressive, and gay individuals with no military service, instead of naming those ships for the very famous deceased highly decorated and heroic U S military personnel the Navy had always named its ships after.

Mabus presided over the firing of many senior and Flag officers who were viewed as not being “Politically Correct”, and replaced them with newly selected senior and Flag Officer who met specific “Politically Correct” selection criteria; he directed newly promoted Flag Officers to drive “Politically Correct” destructive policies into the US Navy.

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